Gourmet Pies 

 Note: All Our Round Pies Come In An 18in Size. Cut Into 8 Slices.

The Spicy J

Jalapeños. Fresh mozzarella. Spicy pepperoni. Mikes hot honey. 

The Bronx Bomber 

Red sauce. Rosa pink Sauce. Pesto. Spicy pepperoni. Fresh mozzarella. Romano.

The Hellboy Roni

Spicy Pepperoni. Fresh mozzarella. Mikes hot honey.


Fresh mozzarella. Roasted garlic. Basil. Extra virgin olive oil. Romano.

Parma Rosa Margherita 

Rosa pink sauce only. Fresh mozzarella. Roasted Garlic. Basil. Extra virgin olive oil. Romano.

Alla Rosa 

Rosa pink sauce only. Grilled Chicken. Spinach. Mushroom. Roasted Garlic. Romano.  Extra virgin olive oil. Romano.

All Meat

Pepperoni. Sausage. Ham. Bacon. Beef.

Good Fellas 

Italian Sausage. Green pepper. Roasted red pepper. Onion. Roasted Garlic.

NYC Deluxe

Pepperoni. Sausage. Beef. Green pepper. Mushroom. Onion.

Bruno's Alfredo 

Alfredo Sauce. Grilled chicken. Bacon.

B.B.Q Chicken

Grilled chicken. BBQ sauce. Onions. Bacon. 

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled chicken. Buffalo sauce. Ranch. 

Chicken Club 

Alfredo sauce only. Ham. Grilled chicken. Bacon.

The Hulk

Grilled chicken. Pesto only. Tomato. Mushroom.

Mushroom Popeye 

No sauce. Ricotta. Grilled chicken. Mushroom. Spinach. Roasted garlic. Romano. Extra virgin olive oil.

Bianca (White)

No sauce. Ricotta cheese. Roasted garlic. Extra virgin Olive oil. Romano.

Little Italy 

No sauce. Pepperoni. Salami. Ham. Banana pepper. Roasted red pepper. Onion. Pesto. Extra virgin olive oil.

Meatball Parmigiana 

Meatball. Ricotta. Romano.


No sauce. Spinach. Tomato. Ricotta cheese. Roasted garlic. Extra virgin olive oil. Romano.


Black olives. Spinach. Tomato. Green pepper. Onion. Mushroom.


Artichoke. kalamata olives. Roasted red pepper. Feta cheese. Spinach.


Pineapple. Bacon. Ham.

Steak Salad

No sauce. Steak. Mayo. Lettuce. Tomato. Romano.

Chicken Bacon Ranch 

Ranch. Grilled chicken. Bacon. 

Mama's Pie

Basil. Roasted garlic. Extra virgin olive oil. Romano.


Alfredo sauce only. Steak. Onion. Roasted red pepper. Green Pepper.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken. Caesar Dressing. Lettuce. Romano.